Feel The Noise (2007)

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Feel The Noise (2007)

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Feel The Noise 2007 DVD-Rip XviD-NeDiVx

After a run-in with local thugs, aspiring Harlem rapper Rob (Omarion Grandberry) flees to a place and father (Giancarlo Esposito) he never knew, and finds his salvation in Reggaeton, a spicy blend of hip-hop, reggae and Latin beats. Puerto Rico, the spiritual home of Reggaeton, inspires Rob and his half-brother Javi (Victor Rasuk) to pursue their dream of becoming Reggaeton stars. Together with a dancer named C.C., they learn what it means to stay true to themselves and each other, while overcoming obstacles in love, greed and pride, all culminating in an explosive performance at New York’s Puerto Rican Day Parade.



Note: you don't have to click the Flyupload link 10 times, here is how to beat that Ad Spam nightmare never get to Your file redirect crap and here is how.....

First: click the “Continue To Download” Link near bottom center of page!

Then: In the explorer bar at the end of the link type an extra %3D at the end of the “==&c=MTA%3D”

Next: Replace the three letters in front of the first %3D (as shown above) with an MA. The end result should look like this MA.%3D%3D

click enter then it will bring you to the final page where you can just click “Download Now” and your on Your way friends Enjoy.


Muški Broj poruka : 1650
Lokacija : 90210
Datum upisa : 22.02.2007

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