Europe-Rock The Night

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Europe-Rock The Night

Počalji od Mad_Ferrari taj Sre 06 Feb 2008, 01:21

The Very Best of Europe

Disc: 1
1. Rock the Night
2. Superstitious
3. I'll Cry for You [Acoustic Version]
4. Cherokee
5. Stormwind
6. Sweet Love Child (Single B-Side)
7. In the Future to Come
8. Here Comes the Night (Outtake from Prisoners in Paradise Session)
9. Sign of the Times
10. Dreamer
11. Seventh Sign
12. Yesterday's News
13. Got Your Mind in the Gutter
14. Ready or Not
15. Aphasia
16. Time Has Come (At Solnahallen, Stockholm 1986) [Live]

Disc 2:
1. Final Countdown
2. Halfway to Heaven
3. Open Your Heart
4. Long Time Coming (Single B-Side)
5. Mr. Government Man (Outtake from Prisoners in Paradise Session)
6. Carrie
7. Seven Doors Hotel (Single B-Side)
8. Girl from Lebanon
9. King Will Return
10. More Than Meets the Eye
11. Prisoners in Paradise
12. Wings of Tomorrow
13. On Broken Wings
14. Scream of Anger
15. Heart of Stone
16. Let the Good Times Rock (At Ahoy Stadium, Rotterdam 1989[live]




Muški Broj poruka : 806
Godina : 28
Lokacija : Pančevo
Datum upisa : 14.04.2007

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