Alcatraz prison escape[RIP]

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Alcatraz prison escape[RIP]

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Published by: Activision Value
Developed by: Zombie
Genre: First-Person Action
• A first person perspective action adventure
• Time your escape perfectly or be recaptured
• Advanced inventory system
• Team and free-for-all multiplayer options
• For 1 or more players

Minimum Requirements:
Pentium 266 Mhz, Windows 95/98/ME, 32 MB RAM, 4MB Video RAM,DirectX 8, 8X CD-ROM,

Hard-Disk Space

Alcatraz: Prison Escape puts you behind bars and challenges you to escape, while collecting

clues to prove your
innocence. Interact with guards and prisoners in this first person shooter. Ten massive levels

provide multiple
escape routes and passages, if you can find them.

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Password for all Kod:

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Datum upisa : 02.03.2007

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