CDMenuPro v6.23.00 Business Edition

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CDMenuPro v6.23.00 Business Edition

Počalji od Mudorator taj Uto 11 Mar 2008, 11:06

CDMenuPro is an easy-to-use tool for creating graphic Autorun CD Menu applications.
The program comes complete with a large number of ready-to-use templates and project assistants,
which make getting fast professional results child's play.


* Create a professional CD Autorun Menu using CDMenuPro.
* Use a clear and professional CD start menu to set you and your corporate presentation apart from the competition.
* Use CDMenuPro to start your CD or DVD automatically with your own individually designed CD Autorun Menu -
corporate presentations, documents, product catalogs, dissertations, job applications or slide show.
* Impress your users by adding an automatic start feature to your CD presentation.



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