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    They're Bad to the Bone… the Kings of the Road… and the Life
    of the Party. Harley-Davidson. Peterbilt. Budweiser. Brand-name wonders
    that inspire passion and loyalty and have come to symbolize a piece of
    the American spirit. And each gets its start inside one of America's
    Ultimate Factories. Go inside some of the greatest one-of-a-kind
    factories in the world
    and gain an insider's perspective on what it takes to produce these
    legendary products. Trace the history of these American icons and their
    unrivaled cultural status.

    In less than 48 hours, raw steel,
    glass and wire can be transformed into two of the most powerful and
    coveted aerodynamic wonders of the road — the artful instrument of
    sheer driving pleasure that is a Ferrari the high-performance street
    machine. National Geographic Channel (NGC) takes you behind the scenes
    and inside the high-tech mega-manufacturing plants called the Ultimate
    Factories, where, in less than two days’ time, the most advanced
    automotive technology can produce these innovative marvels of
    engineering and design.

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