Pavel Tsatsouline's The Naked Warrior

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Pavel Tsatsouline's The Naked Warrior

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Pavel Tsatsouline's The Naked Warrior

Gain more brute strength in days than you did in years of bodybuilding or calisthenics
Discover the martial secrets of instant power generation—for rapid surges in applied strength
Discover how to get a world-class powerlifter's quality workout—using your body only
Master the one-arm/one-leg pushup for crushing upper body force
Forge super-piston, never-quit legs with the Spetsnaz favorite "Pistol"
Discover the magic of "GTG"—guaranteed the world's most effective strength routine
Be tow-truck strong—yet possess the rugged looks of a stripped-down racer
Get a harder, firmer, functionally-fitter body—and be as resilient as hell whatever you face
No gym, no weights, no problem—get a dynamite strength workout at a moment's notice—wherever you are

37 mins - 450mb

or higher quality - 700mb


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Lokacija : 90210
Datum upisa : 22.02.2007

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