Painkiller Overdose

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Painkiller Overdose

Počalji od B4n3_CurL4 taj Sub 03 Nov 2007, 09:24

Game Features:

* A Prequel to the eventual Sequel bridges the storyline and ties up wandering ends.
* Overdose introduces a new character and storyline that examines the repercussions of Daniel defeating Lucifer in the original Painkiller!
* 16 NEW levels of fast-paced pain-killing action!
* 6 New demonic weapons grant the powers of a demi-god to souls awaiting damnation everywhere!
* Crafted and designed completely by Mindware Studios; long-time advocates and fans of the game.
* A reshuffled Tarot deck infuses Belial with new powers and devastating combinations.
* An innovative direction in the Painkiller universe!
* Over 40 demented and sickly-twisted monsters from Hell
* New End Bosses of colossal statures standing guard over Hell's crumbling domain and the entrances to the other realms!
* A revitalized commitment to multiplayer introduces a series of stats tracking features and game server options intended to revamp the multiplayer experience.
* Multiplayer compatibility with original Painkiller multiplayer maps and game modes!

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Datum upisa : 11.03.2007

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